Following the remarkable success of previous tracks “Bad,” “Feels Right,” “Every Little Thing,” and numerous live appearances, Jake Silva has quickly become a prominent figure in NYC’s music scene and beyond. Driven by a dynamic bassline and a BPM of 128 – undeterred by his natural talent for production, Silva now unveils his latest offering, “You Shine“. Teaming up with Wave Wave, who offers his distinctive clunky house sound to the track, and Sirona, who has a natural prowess for house music production while adding in his ability to connect with listeners – this trio has meticulously hand-crafted a sensational festival banger that will feel right at home on Robin Schultz’ Mentalo Music. The sonic gem – “You Shine” is out now via Mentalo Music.

Unleashing a torrent of bass-drenched taut synths, infectious electro drops, and heavy-hitting percussive elements, “You Shine” sees Jake Silva masterfully reveal a new layer of his signature sound. With each pulsating beat and electrifying tune, the track effortlessly transports listeners to the heart of a Berlin warehouse, where the air is charged with raw energy and the crowd moves in perfect synchrony. Embracing the spirit of underground electronic music, “You Shine” arrives at the perfect time to captivate the restless hearts and bodies of all who come across this brilliantly written record.

Silva has become known for consistently demonstrating the true essence and sound of house music. Throughout the past year, he has been actively involved in producing electrifying house music and releasing an impressive series of tracks in collaboration with renowned artists – garnering himself over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. With each release, Jake continues to climb the ladder of success and exceed all expectations, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to artistic growth and innovation.

About Jake Silva

ABOUT JAKE SILVA – Jake Silva (aka Jake Barroca) is a House- Music DJ/ Producer based out of New York City. Jake’s high quality productions have earned him recognition on major labels including his first track on Sony Orchard. Recently, he has signed his music to MentaloRevealedSoaveGroove BasementBlack Hole Recordings2-Dutch, Controversia, Chapter Eight, and many more to come. As a social- media persona, Jake Silva has brought the energy to become “one of the hottest prospects in the house music industry.” Jake Silva is very passionate and consistent with his content creation and loves to engage with his fans.

As a producer, Jake Silva’a Spotify catalog has grown in astronomical numbers with his new track “Bad” reaching 55k plays in just one week and four editorial playlists. Jake Silva has been collaborating with well known producers in the industry including Marco NobelWave WaveAmari, Alfred BeckSironaDelayzJonah OslahFrankie Sims, and many more to come. As a DJ, Jake has performed at Manhattan’s most popular night clubs and festivals including Governors BallMarqueeLavoSWNWSony Hall, and Harbor NYC just to name a few. Most notably he has supported major artists like ClaptoneSigalaNicky RomeroR3habQuintinoDzekoTopic, etc. Jake has a huge summer ahead of him with many gigs scheduled across the United States. Jake Silva is determined to make a mark on the music industry and be on the lookout for his brand new music.

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