Just in time for the release of his single ‘I Got U’ alongside Jax Jones through Blasé Boys Club / Virgin Records next month, British dance musician and DJ Adam Dyment alias Duke Dumont has now uploaded an official music video that perfectly reflects the blissful and tropical vibe of the song. With a total length of nearly four minutes, the clip features the guy we already know from the ‘Need U (100%)’ video sipping his hot drink while looking out of the window of his apartment on a rainy morning being quite unmotivated to start his day.

But his mood changes pretty quickly when he receives an obviously eagerly awaited packet then. Immediately unpacking and testing the therein wrapped simulator helmet, the man finds himself waking up on the Phi Phi Islands (Thailand) just a second later. Surrounded by the magnificent natural setting and accompanied by lovely girls, he actually has no option but to enjoy every single moment. With all this cold weather just around us now, this video should definitely warm you up and is intended to inspire your interest for your next summer holiday.

Release date: March 16th

Pre-order: iTunes

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