Just a few artist can claim to have had a lingering effect on a worldwide audience in just a short time and further have managed to be among the best over a long period of time. Producing one number 1 hit after another, stadium-filling DJ and producer Tim Bergling alias Avicii definitely be among those. Still high up in the charts of several countries with the fourth single of his highly acclaimed ‘True’ debut album, entitled ‘Addicted To You’, the Swede has now also put out an official remix package with treatments from David Guetta, Sick Individuals, Albin Myers, Ashley WallbridgeBent Collective AND himself.

While the uncredited vocals of American folk rock singer and songwriter Audra Mae remain firmly entrenched, all six renditions are stripping off the original’s radio sensibility and pounding it with progression that makes the hook more festival primed. However, doubtlessly topping the bill of this package is the revision of the creator himself which at the same is a first foretaste of the forthcoming ‘Avicii by Avicii’ remix edition of ‘True’. Quite likely filling the sets of the fast approaching festival season, the whole remix package is out now through PRMD Records.

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