New York-based tech-house duo Truth x Lies returns to the release radar with their first official release of the year, ‘The Get Down’. The latest to come from the dynamic duo follows their December-released track ‘Take Me Away’, which landed them the #1 spot on Beatport’s Hype Tech House chart, #2 on their Hype Overall chart, and #15 on their Tech House Top 100. Amassing over 25 million streams across all platforms, Truth x Lies has established themselves as one of the most exciting up-and-coming acts within the tech-house space. As they prepare to embark on their massive spring tour across the United States, the duo continues to push the boundaries of house music, creating innovative, dancefloor-ready productions that leave listeners eagerly waiting for more. A standout production that is poised to captivate and delight listeners everywhere, ‘The Get Down’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Terminal Underground.

Truth x Lie‘s latest sonic endeavor ‘The Get Down’ is a dynamic and captivating production that showcases the duo’s expertly-crafted sound design and unique production technique. Boasting a pulsating, high-energy rhythm, ‘The Get Down’ seamlessly blends infectious grooves and a commanding bassline that is guaranteed to energize the dancefloor. Featuring intricate percussion and melodic synths, the track gradually builds and evolves to create an irresistibly hypnotic groove that captivates the listener’s attention. With its infectious beats, hypnotic rhythm, and undeniable appeal, ‘The Get Down’ is a memorable and irresistible production that will stay with the listener long after the track concludes.  A true testament to the duo’s ability to craft dancefloor-ready productions that are both innovative and timeless, Truth x Lie‘s latest offering is endlessly playable, leaving listeners eager to relive its energy and entrancing musicality time and time again.

IT’S MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR! We have our first release to start off 2023 on one of our favorite labels, and we’re just about to kick off our awesome Spring tour. We’re looking forward to these shows and showing off all these new tunes!  See everyone on the dance floor – Truth x Lies

Truth x Lies has experienced an immensely prosperous year, highlighted by their triumphant Fall  2022 ‘Going Numb’ tour, where they shared the stage with house music giants DombreskyCID, and Sasha Robotti, as well as delivering standout performances at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando and Electric Zoo. Further adding to their momentum in 2023, the duo continues to impress with commanding sets on board Groove Cruise Miami and a stellar appearance alongside Jauz during his Off The Deep End show in Los Angeles.Their upcoming Spring 2023 tour is set to be just as remarkable, with performances at the highly-anticipated Ubbi Dubbii Festival, as well as hitting the likes of New York CityChicago, and AustinTruth x Lies reaffirms their trailblazing status with appearances at Miami Music Week, where they are scheduled to perform at the NYX Showcase at The Angler’s Boutique Resort, hau5trap Takeover at Toejam Backlot, and Matroda and Friends at Floyd, with more events yet to be announced. With a thrilling, jam-packed schedule, their versatile and captivating performances continue to impress audiences worldwide, cementing their reputation as one of the most electrifying acts within the tech-house genre.

As they continue to forge their own path, Truth x Lies continues to break new ground in the world of electronic dance music. With ‘The Get Down’ the duo has once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries within the tech-house space. Their innovative and captivating productions are eagerly anticipated by listeners around the world, and their latest offering is no exception. As they prepare for their massive spring tour across the United States, the duo is poised to once again demonstrate their remarkable ability to engage and captivate audiences worldwide. With an ever-growing fan base and a track record of leaving lasting impressions, Truth x Lies has quickly become one of the most exciting and sought-after acts within the tech-house genre. With a handful of releases on the horizon, fans can expect Truth x Lies to deliver electrifying energy and entrancing musicality for years to come, making them a standout act in the electronic dance space.


0318 – Musica – New York, NY
03.22 – The Angler’s Boutique Resort – Miami, FL
03.23 – Toejam Backlot – Miami, FL
03.26 – Floyd – Miami, FL
04.21 – Q Nightclub – Seattle, WA
04.22 – Ubbi Dubbi – Fort Worth, TX
04.28 – Spybar – Chicago, IL
04.29 – Concourse Project – Austin, TX

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