DJ Rae, Danism and Train combine again as DTR Project on their new single ‘Best Days’ – a soulful house jam tailored for the summer.

Arriving naturally as a follow up to their successful partnership on ‘No Limits’, ‘Best Days’ once again has its roots firmly in the heyday of the soulful NYC sound, delivering an infectious and emotive record that strikes a chord with the modern dancefloor. Initially taking influence from a crate digging session, ‘Best Days’ quickly took shape as Rae laid down her vocals over the original demo while Rob Harris (of Jamiroquai fame) added his influence on guitars and bass.

When I got this sketch from the guys I was in a beautiful space in time, pregnant with my daughter, inspired and so happy, as soon as I heard the first bar I got straight on the mic, the song just poured out, the way the best records happen, it felt so good, and there it was, Best days. Feel good infectious soulfood from the heart. – DJ Rae

With previous support from like likes of Louie Vega, Terry Hunter, Sandy Rivera and Tedd Patterson; this newest release from DTR Project is guaranteed to make waves in similar circles throughout the summer.

While DJ Rae and Danism + Train pursue diverse musical paths and also collaborate widely with a variety of producers and vocalists, ‘Best Days’ further reinforces the creative relationship (under their DTR Project moniker) that has been developing over the past few years; a relationship with a defined musical direction and a conscious focus to keep song writing and musicianship at the forefront of their music.

‘Best Days’ encapsulates this ethos as it is released today with remixes and a full 12” vinyl release to follow later in the year.

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