Directly following his late February collaboration with TikTok trendsetters The Stickmen Project, “Rain In Ibiza ft. Calum Scott,” Felix Jaehn unleashes an official music video paired with the pulsating pop/dance anthem. Since its release, the four-on-the-floor party track has been a hit among dance music fans globally, maintaining a position in the Top 150 Spotify Germany Charts and continuing to chart on Germany’s radio Top 30. Ushering listeners deeper into the track’s sonic journey through a visual experience, the three artists convey a riveting story using clips from the short film BELGICA, with creative direction from FNDM, the music & culture division of production powerhouse UNIT9.

The exhilarating music video immediately kicks off with clips portraying two men waking up in their homes prior to their descent into the carefree abyss of nightlife. Following the pair down the rabbit hole, the duo escapes their lives at home entering an unrestrained atmosphere where the only thing that matters is letting loose and enjoying life. Continuing their rousing journey, the video depicts a self-indulgent and pleasure-seeking escapade full of liveliness and dancing that never ceases to end. The official music video is an unbounded paragon that flawlessly encapsulates the sybaritic fate of nightlife with the rip-roaring night coming to a close as the hedonistic tendencies of the clubbing lifestyle take over.

Directed by Felix Van Groeningen, the 2016 short film BELGICA follows two brothers Jo and Frank who are polar opposites. Having given up his artistic dreams, the younger of the duo, Jo, embraces his passion for music opening a bar called Belgica. Unhappy living a predictable life, older brother Frank joins Jo in his nightlife endeavors by helping with Belgica. Together, the duo transforms the new bar into a thriving hotspot at the epicenter of Belgium’s addictive nightlife scene as they find themselves swept away in the success of Belgica.

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