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Esteemed German producer Felix Jaehn finally returns with the release of his second studio album, Breathe. The 15-track LP follows a string of lead singles: ‘Close Your Eyes’ ft, Miss Li, ‘I Got A Feeling’ with Robin Schulz and Georgia Ku, ‘No Therapy’ ft. Bryn & Nea, ‘One More TIme’ with Robin Schulz and Alida, and more. Arriving after Felix Jaehn’s personal journey with transformation and self-discovery, Breathe delivers dance music with a message, with each song telling a unique story that builds on the other. Out now via Universal MusicBreathe is available across all streaming platforms.


After achieving almost everything an artist can dream of at such a young age, Felix Jaehn found himself at an impasse. “I got it into my head that I wanted to be a DJ and a producer. I don’t want to have a normal office job, but make my dream come true every day in my life. And after all that was fulfilled, I needed something new,” the talent explains. With some time to think about his destiny, Felix embarked on his “transformation and self-discovery phase,” leading to him spending time in a mindfulness retreat in a monastery. It was during this time that the producer reached the epiphany that his music could move and touch people — it can be life-affirming. And so Breathe was born. The album serves almost as an autobiography of the German producer’s time after self-discovery and his post-transformation, conveying that it’s OK to let go, stand by yourself, and have ups & downs in life.

Breathe is a culmination of the style that Felix Jaehn is known for, while delivering a more personal touch with songs that are lyrically and melodically connected. Featuring 11 previously released tracks and new releases such as the inspirational and high-energy offering, ‘Old Me,’ feel-good hit ‘Somebody You Like,’ and sonically enticing ‘Automatic’ ft. Jon EdyenBreathe shares hope and happiness to listeners throughout the entirety of its run-time.

The album’s title track, ’Breathe,’ is in itself an example of how anything can be persevered, given that it almost didn’t make it onto the album. Felix recounts, “When we wanted to finish the song later, we found that Miss Li’s vocal files had been accidentally deleted. We tried to re-record the part again, but it was impossible to recreate that moment. The song just is a snapshot. I then decided that we would take the first demo version and put it on the album. That was just a magical moment for me”. Despite being the first demo version, the impressive track primes listeners for the journey ahead of them, driven by Miss Li’s emotive vocals and Felix’s impressive sound design. The track is all encompassing of what the album is all about.

“I had a note on my phone for years that said ‘BREATHE, INHALE, LET GO.’ Breathing in, building tension, especially before shows, and then breathing out, letting go, I think that’s totally important because you can influence the complete flow of energy in your body with your breathing.” – Felix Jaehn

Closing off the end of his personal journey through self-discovery and finding happiness, Breathe delivers life-affirming danceable music with personal, emotional, and authentic messages. With his album, Felix Jaehn spreads positive vibes, happiness, and a good mood. The LP positions the German talent as a leader that is ready to take over the world of electronic music with an optimistic outlook, showing fans that it’s okay to be down sometimes because the party goes on and will be better than ever before.

Breathe Tracklist:

1. Breathe (demo) ft. Miss Li
2. Close Your Eyes with VIZE and Miss Li
3. I Got A Feeling with Robin Schulz, ft. Georgia Ku
4. Old Me
5. Happy with Miksu / Macloud, ft. Fourty & Leland
6. Somebody You Like
7. Automatic ft. Jon Eyden
8. No Therapy ft. Nea & Bryn Christopher
9. Heard About Me with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nea
10. One More Time with Robin Schulz, ft. Alida
11. So Close with NOTD and Captain Cuts, ft. Georgia Ku
12. Without You with Mike Williams, ft. Jordan Shaw
13. Thank You [Not So Bad] with VIZE
14. All The Lies with Alok and The Vamps
15. Nea – Some Say (Felix Jaehn Remix)

ABOUT FELIX JAEHN – Felix Jaehn is known all over the world by fans of every genre for his remix of OMI’s ‘Cheerleader’ but dance fans know him as a consistent hitmaker in his prime. And in February of 2018 Jaehn released his debut studio album I. After sharing multiple releases across the past year, his most recent single ‘I Got A Feeling’ has already amassed over 5 million streams in a matter of mere months. With a roaring 2021 already under his belt, Jaehn is poised for monstrous, continued success in the years to come.

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