Berlin inaugurated in september the opening of one of his biggest shopping center. But barely opened, the mall endures many critics. And the representants of the night life just proposed an oddball alternative : turn it into a big techno clubs center.

There is probably only in Berlin that this kind of issue can appear. Last september opened a brand new shopping center, next from the Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, named « Mall of Berlin ». Until here, nothing expectionnal, besides maybe this name, a litlle bit litigious, remembering the saddly famous « Wall of Berlin ». And since the opening, there is not a week without polemics about this huge complex – 250 shops divided on 4 floors – that make series of problems : romanian workers not payed, serious defects or still dangerous security failures, this new shopping center is clearly not welcomed in the town.

So to protest against this new building, the Clubcommision – a gathering of clubs and concert places in Berlin –  have made a singular proposition : transform this mall into a place with several techno clubs, in the heart of the origin of Berlin’s nightlife.

A city with less and less clubs

A crazy initiative, that would propably never get to the end. The Clubcomission back up his proposition with a quick survey of 140 people of the commission, assuring that they would invest money in this project. But even with the enthusiasm of the Clubcommision’s members, this fantastic project would probably never see the light of the day. This proposition is more an alarm bell of the situation and the changes in Berlin. Years after years, clubs are rejected outside of the city, when they are not closing. The famous Kater Holzig was shut down, and could only oppen again in a smaller place. Sisyphos, Zur Wilden renate and Magdanela are threaten to be closed. Because of what ? The property developper, whom have more and more the stranglehold on the city, to build stores, buildings or highways. A notice of sale of Berlin, that unpleased his habitants, attached to the identity of their city : an unsleepy place where money does not matter.

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