DIXON Presents transmoderna on Fridays at Pacha, Ibiza

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In summer 2019, an experiment will convene in Ibiza that could change the ways clubbing is experienced there. on 24th of may dixon will bring his new project transmoderna to pacha, returning every friday for 20 weeks. however transmoderna is more than just a residency. it is a navigation through global phenomena, in real life and in virtual reality. over the period of transmoderna’s instalment at pacha dixon will invite collabo- rators, conspirators and competitors to join him in order to:

transmoderna fractures the idea of a club night to pick up its parts and assemble them anew. it seeks to introduce other meanings to kerri chandler’s truism “a basement, a red light, and a feeling“. working with visual artists, interior designers, light and laser engineers, and generally fun groundbreakers from different disciplines transmoderna will convert the club into an immersive system.

for clubbers, dancers, lovers, friends and foes, transmoderna will conjure the experience of transcendence through music and movement, through cyberenthusiasm, spiritual toys, and random marvels. it will raise the awareness for the present we live in with its cross-breeds of different temporal, global and cultural pheno- mena. through suspension of house in the hybridity of now transmoderna will deliver a new platform for uncontrolling the parameters of clubbing.

transmoderna invites ancients and avatars to infuse ibiza with sensuality again. only a fantasy can bring it back.

Come and join Dixon this summer.

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