DJ-Producer Kryoman celebrates national Women’s day with the new “The Fight For Love” album

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Over the course of this year, not only has Kryoman worked tirelessly to assemble his new LP, “The Fight For Love,” he also garnered support from the United Nations, pop icon Miley Cyrus’s Foundation, Mom’s Rising and many more prolific charity groups with a purpose to raise awareness for woman’s rights issues in an uplifting positive way via film and music. He then went on to create a funnel of revenue to donate to woman’s rights charities via merchandise and creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs and opportunities for upcoming female artists to get the recognition they deserve.

“Writing music with a purpose was the greatest shift in my work.  Shedding the ego and taking on a cause for the greater good helped me produce my best work to date. I let go of the person I thought I was and began to listen humbly to as much as I could to see how and where I can help.  I see many artists doing this now, and it fills my heart to see people taking action. I lived this album with many of my closest friends and collaborators for a year, and we put our hearts and soul into this. We hope to be a beacon of inspiration to all to show how we can all make a difference no matter how insignificant our actions may seem, if we can learn to love ourselves as and each other a little more, we can overcome the barriers between us all.”


“In a literal sense, the music world is anything but silent. Its very essence has served as a vehicle for loud self-expression, a cultural movement founded on the tenets of peace, love, unity and respect, sprung from a marginalized population — house music, lest anyone forget, was born in the black and gay communities of Chicago. Why then, when market research shows a near-even gender split in dance music’s audience demographic, do female artists, particularly DJ and producers comprise less than 10% of the professional pool? Why do some feel the need to hide their femininity behind aliases, or their breasts beneath baggy shirts? Why are both men and women uncomfortable when questions regarding this state of affairs arise? What does the future of music look like for the X-chromosoned and how can we lend a hand at painting it ourselves? It’s up to us, the women who have learned to cultivate prolific careers, to honor the trailblazers who came before us, and herald in the next generation of even more bright women who are slaves to the beat, to make it a bright one. And we must pay credit where credit where it is due—because there are men out there who working just as hard to lift women up—one of these men is the artist known as Kryoman with his energetic contribution to the cause and the prolific “The Fight For Love.” -SARAH POLONSKY, MUSIC EDITOR (DJ MAG NORTH AMERICA, VIBE, BILLBOARD BLACKBOOK & MORE)


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