Dada Life ‘Boing Clash Boom Ep’ + remixes

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If one thing is for certain, it’s that the colourful Swedish duo that go by the name of Dada Life, do NOT play by anybody else’s rules. On the back of a monstrous start to 2013 the dynamic twosome are now set to release another champagne-spraying, soul-shaking smash hit from their revolutionary album, ‘The Rules of Dada’. True to form, it’s quite something to behold!

OUT NOW, ‘Boing Clash Boom’ is the next offering from ‘The Rules of Dada’, complete with a host of colossal remixes that our eccentric Swedes have personally signed off on. Dance royalty in the form of Bingo Players,Pierce Fulton and Major Lazer (AKA Diplo) have been selected to provide remixes for what is bound to be one of the standout EPs of this summer.

With a thudding bass line complimented by vocals throughout telling fans “bring on the bananas and bubbly” and “lose it”, the hard-hitting drop in the original mix is everything you would come to expect from the masterful Dada Life, as it elevates you into a form of frenzied, hard-style heaven.

With BNNS (Dada Life’s true fans!) primed and ready to Boing, Clash and Boom across festivals and dance floors worldwide, Universal Music’s specialist dance division, PM:AM, releases this special bundle internationally available for purchase NOW.


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