Dada Life’s Olle Corneer teases new mysterious project

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Olle Corneer is on for a solo very mysterious project called “Night Gestalt“. He posted his first comment on his brand new solo Facebook page last december and a couple days ago, the swedish dada lifer made another inspired statement :

“Some time in the not so distant future, the earth has reached breaking point. Towns, cities, countries lie in ruins. Crops are destroyed, water is polluted, the beasts of the field and foul of the air are tainted and hurtling towards extinction. Mankind can no longer survive. 7000 men and women manage to leave the destroyed planet, their mission to find a new home for humanity.

But something goes wrong. Just weeks into their unknown voyage they lose control of the spaceship, plummeting into the heart of a vast, black darkness, into nothingness and nowhere. Forever. As hope dies, religious cults spring up onboard, trying in vain to save as many souls as possible. Some want to be rescued – others don’t. They listen to the flesh.

The name of the spaceship is ONE. This is the story of ONE and the earth they left behind.

Album coming soon…”

Follow Night Gestalt here : facebookb

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