‘Find You’, next hit on Zedd’s hands

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Already being on its beat, due to the partnership premiere with Bud Light Premium and its spot in the forthcoming Divergent soundtrack, Zedd‘s newest original ‘Find You’ just appeared on the iTunes market. Interestingly, the track is accompanied by the lovely chant of Swedish songstress Miriam Bryant as well as the dulcet voice behind smash hit ‘Clarity’Matthew Koma. Indeed, featuring two vocalists is quite unusual for a Zedd production but the hitmaker explained why:

“Once Miriam and Matt sang their parts on ‘Find You,’ it was impossible to fake that emotion, which is the reason I kept both on the song. Whenever I need help on a top-line they are my go-to people. From the first to the last note, ‘Find You’ took almost half a year to finish”

Therefore having rarity value in this industry, the single brings back the same superb energy and complex progressive structure that we used to know from the German. Whether it is Zedd’s showcase of his consistently fresh and unique talent or the impeccable harmony of the two singers that provide the perfect middle-ground between the onslaught of swooshing synths and furious beats, but ‘Find You’ just has an appeal about it that will definitely make it hit airwaves all over the world.

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