Streamus simplifies streaming YouTube via Google Chrome

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It’s out of question that YouTube is the world’s number one video-streaming service, but there are still some deficiencies that could be compensated. Doubtless this was also the opinion of Californian software developer Sean Anderson. Tired of keeping the YouTube-page open while streaming the desired content, he developed Streamus, a simple but effective Google Chrome extension that acts as a companion music player and therefore allows you to create and stream playlists from a popup.

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Getting started with the application is simple. Just download and install the extension through the Chrome Webstore and the Streamus button will appear right next to the URL bar, ready to be used. Clicking on it then, the popped up window seems pretty much empty. Simply typing in the requested song title leads to a list of results that can either be streamed instantly or added to a playlist, which incidentally has nothing to do with the default YouTube playlists.

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Coming with all customary music player functions such as re-arranging tracks or configuring stream settings to shuffling or repeating, it also features a ‘Radio Mode’ which allows the stream to continue playing once it runs out of music.

But that’s not all: Apart from the Youtube-related functions, Streamus also interfaces with Beatport which provides an easy way of listening to current Top 100 charts for instance. Moreover, Sean Anderson also aims to interface with other services such as Soundcloud soon.

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However, the extension is still in the beta phase and therefore not free from defects.

Get Streamus here:, Google Chrome Webstore

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