JustGo and Topple Track present alternative to DJ Mag Top 100 ranking

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If there’s one event that should be marked red in a DJ’s calendar, it would probably be the annual DJ Mag Top 100 voting. However, there is also a downside to almost every success. With the 2013 edition being their biggest Top 100 poll till yet, DJ Mag is battling ever harder against the dissent that comes with the results year for year. To not leave all the bad write-up unanswered, they responded with a small article back in October. Listing up ’10 things you should know about #Top100DJs’, they started with the probably most important note: “It’s a public vote!” But this has not always been the case. In fact this annual poll has only been based on public votes since 2010. Well, times have changed and so do the artistes. Truth be told, it appears that the preceding competitive season is just about investing heaps of money in advertising campaigns nowadays. Almost unbelievable, but even electronic dance music heavyweights like Dirty South, Thomas Gold and Pete Tong, to name just a few, aren’t listed anymore. That raises the question if this really is the best way to determine a list of the most popular DJs. Aren’t there more effective methods and criteria to spot the “World’s No. 1 DJ” nowadays?

JustGo Music X Topple Track

To get to the bottom of this issue, JustGo, a just launched social media analytics company designed to integrate a user’s entire social media presence onto one platform, has now teamed up with the web’s leading content monitoring and piracy protection platform Topple Track. Collecting and examining analytical data from Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube, as well as involving Google mentions with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) piracy notices, ultimately lead them to an alternative list of the Top 100 DJs. Moreover, they obtained an even more accurate result by not only gathering the number of total fans on these major social media platforms, but also factoring in the new fans, as acquired in 2013. Logically the number of total fans is more revealing for a DJ’s overall popularity, while the number of new fans is more revealing for the current progress of the DJ’s fandom. As a consequence JustGo and Topple Track gave the total amount of social media fans a 2 to 1 weighing against the fan increase, which results in a 60 to 30 percentage distribution, whereby the remaining 10 percent were accounted to the Google mentions.

Hardly surprisingly, Dutchman Hardwell also grabbed the No. 1 spot in this ranking. Rather crucial is how the places 2 to 10 have changed. Whilst former winners Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto didn’t even make the top 10, ace colleagues Calvin Harris, Zedd, Knife Party and Swedish House Mafia did and therefore finished at a far higher entry than they do in the DJ Mag ranking.

Beside tracking the top 100 DJs, assessed by their social media fandom, JustGo and Topple Track have also unveiled the DJs with the biggest fan growth on the respective platforms. With Quintino and Dyro being the highest risers on Facebook and Twitter and Disclosure amplifying their Youtube fandom the most, Armin Van Buuren experienced the biggest increase in terms of Soundcloud followers.

To get a more detailed overview check out the infographic below.

JustGo Music : http://www.justgo.com/
Topple Track : Topple Track

The Top 100 DJs of 2013, By Data - presented by JustGo & Topple Track

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